Friday, March 27, 2009

Once there was a baby snake named Crucio, who was no bigger than a blackberry.
She grew into a a wonderful adolescent snake. Who always obeyed her mamma and could sometimes be fresh and stick her tongue out at people.

She could be trusted even with the pigmy puffs and was usually very docile, unless she was out on official Slytherin business.

She enjoyed trips to the lakes and was at her happiest among the trees and wildlife. Just look at her smile!

Than one day a few weeks ago Crucio went into hiding and the Slytherin's couldn't find her anywhere. I looked for her in all the usual spots. In Quinn's bed, in the dungeons,  even snuck into the Ravenclaw Common Room (sometimes she likes to pay Wisty a visit). 

Alas I couldn't find her anywhere. I decided to take a walk in the Forbidden Forest and there she was! I was upset with her and she knew it. She said to me "I'm sorry, but I didn't know how to tell you".  I asked her what she had done. She unwound herself from the tight little ball she was in by the tree to reveal this....

My Crucio was gonna be a mamma! Apparently she had met a dashing snake while on one of her hunts for Sirius Dolohov and fell head of tail in reptilian love.  As she slithered toward me movement from the nest caught my eye! 

"Here they come!", Crucio squealed.  She was absolutely right!! 

Slytherin Dungeon is now the proud home of seven of the most beautiful baby snakes you have ever seen. Enjoy them while they are this small.  Crucio tell's me their daddy is a basilisk!

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Emma Wigworthy said...

LOL - I have tears of laughter rolling down my cheeks!! That is so, so clever, and so, so funny!!! :=D

Quinn said...

"Crucio tell's me their daddy is a basilisk!" LMAO
I love that my bed was the first place you looked... do I really get Crucioed that often??

Moi said...

i love this post. the pics are all so beautiful.

Sarah said...

How very sweet! The little baby snakes are SO cute!

Elanor said...

what a great thing to have happened.

Roses are red
Violettes are blue
why is there gum on the bottom of your shoe.
Did you get it while waiting for the package that is coming for you?

CentyB said...

That was SO awesome. Can't believe I didn't see it until now :)

Pren said...

is that first baby snake really that tiny or is that a photoshop thing? its so cute and teeny!