Thursday, April 9, 2009

The List:
The bag (up above)
Silly Putty
A Snake Lollipop
Chocolate bar from Starbucks (with coffee in it)
Needle Guage checker and ruler
Green and Purple Worsted Yarn (covered bother Slytherin and my favorite colors)
Tube with Size 8 & 9 DPNs
Book on Mittens, Note paper and Journal
Yummy Candle
Packet of Soak
Snake Facecloth
Bath Bombs
Lavender Vanilla Scrub (smellls sooo good)
Burts Bees and Lavender Chapstick
Dish Towel with Witches hat
Coffee/Latte Socks (SOOO Cute)
Cross Stitch Coffee (Given Enough coffee, I could rule the world) 

5 Owl Posts:

Fortescue said...

Elanor was my partner in Year 5 and now I am her partner. She did a GREAT job. Love it. The bag - phenom!

setembrina said...

HUH. I thought I had more stuff in there. :)

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

i dont think u could have put more in there!

setembrina said...

LOL too true. i had to take stuff out of the bag and as you saw put it under the bag. :)

dogwithbooks said...

I have a photo from a Christmas when I was 8 and I'm jumping in the air and screaming because I got Silly Putty from "Santa." You are a lucky girl indeed :)