Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I'm Back!

Sorry for my little absence guys but Grandfather whisked me off on an adventure of a lifetime. I don't know if I told you about my other sports love, other than Quidditch, but its Muggle Baseball and not just any ole' team will do. I have found myself in love with the Boston Red Sox and this year they were tapped to open the 2008 MLB season in Japan! There were ceremonies and mini camps for the children of Japan and other cultural goings on. They had exhibition games again the Yomiuri Giants, which have been described as the NY Yankees of Japan (poor things to have such a distinction!) and the Red Sox defeated them and then they opened up the season against the Oakland A's on Tuesday at 6:00am, local time. I say 6:00am because Grandfather didn't take me to Japan, he took me to the heart of Red Sox Nation, Boston, MA U.S.A!! Anyone who knows anything about the Red Sox and Red Sox Nation knows that everyone was awake and ready for baseball. The Pubs and Bars opened extrememly early and served breakfast instead of mead. Fenway Park, was opened up and you could watch the game there and many people did. On Tuesday the Red Sox came from behind in glorious fashion and won the game 6-5, they didnt fair to well yesterday morning however, they lost to the Oakland A's 5-1. The Red Sox and A's are on their way back to America to resume their 4 game serieson April 1-2, and I have returned to Hogwarts before our end of year feast! I need some sleep now after I attend some House Quiz business! I hadn't had that much fun since the Quidditch World Cup!

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Olive Bladvak said...

What a cool adventure!

Anon said...
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Anon said...

Go A's!!! Tee Hee!!!

Lily F